We provide services to eliminate the "hassle" from visas through the acquisition of Japanese visas on behalf of our clients, consulting for companies and educational institutions, and the development of residence management tools.

We have a wealth of knowledge in the field of Japanese visas, and based on this knowledge, we provide services and products to companies, educational institutions, and individuals.

It is not easy to live in an environment where it is difficult and complicated to obtain a visa and where the language and culture are different. We believe that in order to live happily in Japan, far away from your home country, it is important to understand and respect each other's culture.

Our services are designed to help foreigners live happily in Japan and contribute to the building of an inclusive society through interaction between Japanese and foreigners by providing appropriate services by visa experts like us.

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For businesses

This service is designed to reduce the burden of visa-related work for companies and to foster knowledge among internal staff through consulting services, such as obtaining work visas for foreign employees on behalf of the company and managing and renewing residence periods.

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Educational Institution

For Educational Institution

The purpose of this service is to reduce the workload of educational institutions regarding visas and to foster the knowledge of those in charge within the university through consulting services, such as visa acquisition on behalf of international students and foreign instructors, and visa management and renewal procedures.

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For Individuals

This is a service for individuals in which an immigration lawyer specializing in Japanese visas provides support from preparation of application documents for all types of Japanese visas, including work, study, marriage, permanent residence, and naturalization, to application and negotiation with the Immigration Bureau.

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Visa Raku

We provide companies and educational institutions with the industry's first automated residence period management tool developed by an immigration law firm. We provide not only introduction support, but also various support services during operation to improve the efficiency of visa operations.

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Visa Raku


We offer various consultations such as visa management and visa business consulting, as well as work visas for foreign employment and student visas for educational institutions.

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